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Chiefs, by Stuart Woods

Chiefs: A Novel (25th Anniversary Edition) (Will Lee Novels Book 1) by [Woods, Stuart]

In a Nutshell

Title:  Chiefs

Author:  Stuart Woods

Publisher:  W.W. Norton & Company

Date of Release:  January 23, 2012 (25th Anniversary Edition)

Genre:  Thriller

Source:  Purchased

Rating: 4 Acorns out of 5

It’s December 1919 and the little town of Delano, Georgia has some problems. They’re looking to hire their first chief of police, the boll weevil is destroying their cotton crops, racism has run rampant and they’re about to become the killing fields for a serial murderer.  They solve their first problem by hiring Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer, to be chief of police and he turns out to be a lot smarter than anyone thought.

That’s just the first part of Chiefs. I really thought I’d read this one when it first came out,  but  I guess not because I certainly would have remembered the vivid use of language and great characters. Even though it’s been out awhile, it’s lost nothing. In fact, this book strikes me as a classic, capturing life in the South up to the civil rights movement. Great story, great writing. I highly recommend.


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