Will Bradley’s Graphic Art

In A Nutshell

Title:  Will Bradley’s Graphic Art

Author:  Will Bradley

Publisher:  Dover Publications

Date of Release:  January 18, 2017

Genre:  Arts

Source:  The publisher has provided me with a time-limited digital galley proof in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Rating:  3 Stars out of 5

I’ve admired Will Bradley’s work for years. I remember having posters on my wall as a teenager that were clearly inspired by his turn of the 20th century illustrations. His use of line fascinates me. He knows exactly where he wants to draw the viewer’s eye. The same use of line also gives the piece it’s mood and ambiance.

This Dover edition gives a lengthy introduction including a good biography. I learned a lot about Bradley that I didn’t know before reading the introduction – not that I knew much more than a paragraph when I looked him up in the library so many years ago.  But for me, the best part is Bradley’s illustrations – truly inspirational.

Highly recommend!

Have a good week!



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