I Finished It! Algren: A Life

In a Nutshell

Title:  Algren: A Life

Author:  Mary Wisniewski

Publisher:  Chicago Review Press

Date of Release: October 1, 2016

Genre:  Biography

Source:  The publisher provided a digital galley of this work in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

Rating: Five out of Five Stars

I try to publish a review a week and most of the time that works; but occasionally I run into a work that is so intriguing and so well written, that I just have to take more time and savor the goodness. Algren: A Life was all that.

Mary Wisniewski meticulously researched her subject, critiqued his works, interviewed all she could find who were still alive. And not only did she do all that, she still had the energy to write a wonderful account of his life. She seems as intrigued with Algren as I am. He seems to me to be a talented writer of the side of life not many of us want to experience, yet at times Algren seemed to become as downtrodden as those who were the subjects of his work. Intrigued is an important word here because the author appeared to be very objective about her subject. This isn’t a piece of fan art – it’s a top-notch chronicle of the life of a writer who could have been one of the best known writers of the 20th century, instead of just being known for a couple of his many works: The Man with the Golden Arm and A Walk on the Wild Side.

I highly recommend this excellent work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!



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