All-Butter Short Dead, by H. Y. Hanna

All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) by [Hanna, H.Y.]

In A Nutshell

Title:  All-Butter Short Dead: Oxford Tearoom Mystery – Prequel

Author:  H. Y. Hanna

Publisher:  Wisheart Press

Date of Release:  July 28, 2016

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller, Cozy Mystery

Source:  Amazon – as of this writing (11/1/16) it is free for the digital version on that site

Rating:  4 stars out of 5

All of my life I’ve heard – “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” No matter. If the cover art is intriguing, I’m probably going to pick up the book. This series is no exception. I have a couple of them in my Kindle because I love the cat on the cover and the description sounded interesting. Those of you who have been reading my reviews for a while know I like to start at the beginning of a series.  Then I find that the prequel has recently been released (with that cute cat on the cover) and that I can get it for my Kindle for free, no strings attached. Done deal.

Fortunately, the book lives up to its cover. It even has a cute cat character, Muesli. More importantly, there’s a great main character, Gemma Rose, who purchases (not inherits) an old building to turn into a tearoom in Oxford, England. She has a proverbial sidekick/best friend, Cassie, but in an interesting twist she has the four Biddies help her with mysteries and a handyman/baker to help with the tearoom. The four Biddies offer some wonderful comic relief and a great deal of help. In the prequel they help solve the mystery of the murder of a woman who sat next to Gemma on the flight from Australia – and just in the nick of time as the fact Gemma was suspect was holding up her loan for the tearoom.

This is a great introduction to a new-to-me series. Four out of five stars.

And even though it’s already Tuesday – have a great week!



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