Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency, by Susan Breen

In a Nutshell

Title:  Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency

Author:  Susan Breen

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller/Cozy Mystery

Publisher:  Random House – Alibi

Date of Release:  November 8, 2016

Source:  A digital galley proof was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Not long ago I reviewed the first book of this series, Maggie Dove. Now the second will be released in a few short weeks. I enjoyed the first book and this one is equally well done. Now Maggie has a detective agency with two characters from Book 1 and we learn more about the main characters, not all of it positive. The detective agency is struggling and Maggie starts out by turning down a wealthy client. She goes back and picks up the case, a wonderful tale of good and evil in a family. It’s an ideal case for Sunday School teacher, Maggie.

A note to those who aren’t into Christian literature/books – this isn’t one of them. While Maggie is a Sunday School teacher and her faith seems to aid her, her religion is not the focus of the story. For example, during the course of her investigation, she goes to a Wiccan bookstore and spell shop and considers getting herbs to cast a spell on her cranky cat.

There are plenty of twists and turns as Maggie gives her all to help her wealthy client and she unearths some of the secrets of her small town on the Hudson River in New York. This is a great book. I read the whole thing on a flight to Phoenix and made the trip go so quickly!

I highly recommend this series and this book. (Remember it will be released November 8.)

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