Conversations with Maurice Sendak, edited by Peter C. Kunze

In a Nutshell

Title:  Conversations with Maurice Sendak

Author:  Edited by Peter C. Kunze

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi

Genre:  Biography/Memoir – Nonfiction

Source:  The publisher provided a digital galley in exchange for a fair and honest opinion review of this book.

Date of Release: October 4, 2016

Rating:  3 stars out of 5

I’ve enjoyed Maurice Sendak’s work my  entire life. I’ve shared it with my son as he was growing up and now with his children. In the course of this enjoyment, I developed an idea of who I  thought Maurice Sendak was – and was I ever wrong!  I found this compilation of interviews with Sendak a little on the dry side, but very enlightening. He has well- developed concepts on writing and illustrating for children, as well as a deep appreciation for 19th century illustration, as well as many other interesting thoughts.

If you are interested in children’s literature or illustration in general (he’s illustrated more than children’s books) this is a must read. If you’re a fan of Where the Wild Things Are or Pierre, Little Bear and are wondering about who Maurice Sendak was – really, then you need to check it out as well.

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