A Story to Kill, by Lynn Cahoon

In A Nutshell

Title:  A Story to Kill: A Cat Latimer Mystery

Author:  Lynn Cahoon

Publisher:  Kensington Books

Date of Release:  August 30, 2016

Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Source:  The publisher has provided me with a digital galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

I love reading the first book of a series. Not only do I like to read the books in order, I enjoy examining how writers introduce characters. This book allowed me to do both. I’ve also read other books by Lynn Cahoon and enjoyed them, but really like this one more than the others. While this one has the same great writing, I identified a little more closing with the main character Cat Latimer as she is a bit older than the protagonists in the other Cahoon books I’ve read.

On of my pet peeves with cozy mysteries, especially the more modern ones, is that the set up is usually very contrived. So how many people do you know that have inherited a beautiful home from a relative that is ideal for whatever business the main character wants to go into or better yet, the deceased has the business all set up for the protagonist?  This one is similar, but a bit more believable – Cat’s ex left her the house they lived in as a couple. She turns it into a writers’ retreat – after all she is a writer.  Unfortunately, at her first retreat the celebrity author is murdered. There’s quite a few twists and turns before it’s all worked out and the ending sets the reader up in the perfect place to ready the next one in the series.

So – great main character, super sidekick, interesting love interest, intriguing murder makes a a wonderful first entry into a new cozy mystery series.

4 stars out of 5.

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