The Crêpes of Wrath: A Pancake House Mystery, by Sarah Fox

Title:  The Crepes of Wrath
Author: Sarah Fox
Publisher: Random House – Alibi
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Date of Release: August 16, 2016
Source: The publisher provided a digital copy in exchange for a fair & honest review.
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
For fans of cozy mysteries, this is a great first entry in a new series. Marley McKinney takes over her uncle’s thriving pancake house while he recovers from pneumonia in the local hospital.  Suddenly, he checks himself out of the hospital and is found murdered later that day. Marley, a legal assistant in Seattle, can’t help but look into the murder and rekindle a romance, gain a pancake house and her uncle’s cat Flapjack all at the same time.
There’s plenty of action and conflict and Marley proves to be a worthy protagonist. Nice conclusion to the story. So why three stars and not four? I tired of Marley constantly asking herself questions and was troubled by the investigation of her uncle’s murder. It just didn’t ring true.
I’m sure this will develop into a delightful series. I love how the author characterized the patrons and employees of the pancake house.
Have a good week!

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