Clutter Free: Simplify Your Life, by Leo Babauta & Courtney Carver

Clutterfree by [Babauta, Leo, Carver, Courtney]
Title:     Clutter Free: Simplify Your Life
Authors:   Leo Babauta & Courtney Carver
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Date of Publication: December 6, 2012
Source:  Purchased
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5
It’s probably a good thing all my books on minimalism and decluttering are on my Kindle. I think my family would give me a hard time about it if there was physical evidence, because I have quite a few. But every so often I find myself in need of a fresh, little nudge to keep me going. This week finds me in the middle of another move.  Fortunately, I’ll be in the same building, but a different apartment.  And once again I find myself wondering why – even though I’ve gone through a couple of stuff purges in the past few years – do I still have so much stuff.
This book is short and a quick read, but provided me with just enough of a nudge to have stuff to pack, stuff to trash and stuff to donate rather than just packing all of it. I must be doing better because I have a lot of boxes left over from my move here.  Anyway, this decluttering book provided something I haven’t found before – a comprehensive list of places to donate. It’s really helped inspire me to go through some of my nicer clothes and donate knowing there are organizations that will have people who need to wear business attire and would really appreciate it.
I chose this one because Leo Babauta is one of the authors, but also because Courtney Carver’s works came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. Clutter Free is well written and equally important, not preachy.
4 out of 5 stars.
Now back to packing! Next week, I’ll be writing from my new apartment – yay!

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