The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins – an audio book review

The Moonstone Audiobook
TITLE:       The Moonstone
AUTHOR:       Wilkie Collins
PUBLISHER:     Audible Studios
RELEASE DATE:     April 28, 2008
GENRE:     Mystery/Thriller
NARRATOR:     Peter Jeffrey
SOURCE:  Purchased from Audible
RATING:  5 stars out of 5
Frankly, in the past year or so, I have not been particularly enthused about audio books. I listened to a few that I could have narrated better. (And trust me, that’s not good – at all.) I’ve had The Moonstone  in my library for over a year and since it’s over 18 hours I wanted to listen to it, but wasn’t sure I could commit to that much time. What a mistake! I finally bit the bullet and started in. I was hooked immediately.
Even though the first printed version was released in 1868, the prose is fresh and a delight to listen to. I need to credit the narrator for a lot of that. Peter Jeffrey has a wide range of voices and handled even the female characters with ease. He switched back and forth so quickly between dialects and voices that it seemed there were different actors for each part. The time flew by. Of course, it’s a great story and most agree that it’s the first British mystery/thriller ever and it is. Plenty of drama, plenty of twists and turns. Definitely time well spent.
5 stars out of 5.

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