Maggie Dove, by Susan Breen

Title:                      Maggie Dove
Author:                  Susan Breen
Publisher:             Random House Publishing – Alibi
Genre:                    Cozy Mystery
Date of Release:  June 14, 1916
My Source:            A digital version of this work was provided by the publisher in
                                 exchange for a fair and honest review.
Rating:                   4 out of 5
I enjoy the occasional cozy mystery, but I loved this one. If you’ve ever had a “difficult” neighbor and wished they were no longer in your life, you’ll likely get sucked in to this story in the first pages – I did. The story moved along quickly with characters I could identify from my own life and even though I’m no Sunday School teacher like the Maggie Dove, I did identify closely with her from the start.  The author helped that along by telling the story entirely from her point of view.  I understand this is the first of a series and I’m very curious how that is going to work for the next books in the series as it appears Maggie will adding a couple new-found friends to her crime-solving.
As mentioned, I loved this book, but I couldn’t give it five stars for one big reason – I totally figured out who the killer was. Perhaps that is to the author’s credit, however, as she did a remarkable of telling this totally from Maggie’s point of view. I’m looking forward to the next entry in this series.  4 stars out of 5.

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