Zen to Done, by Leo Babauta


TITLE:                          Zen to Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System
AUTHOR:                    Leo Babauta
PUBLISHER:              CreateSpace
DATE OF RELEASE:  July 29, 2008
SOURCE:                     Amazon*
RATING:                      4 out of 5 starts
I continue to work on minimizing my life and I’ve found Leo Babauta’s works very helpful. They aren’t preachy and he gives a number of alternatives and ways to utilize his suggestions so you take pieces, parts and chunks and work them into your life. This book on productivity is no different.
He has a 10-habit system where you can adopt all 10 habits or just a few of the first ones. It’s one of simplest systems I’ve run across. He also suggests only taking on one or two of the points at a time for 30 days instead of overwhelming yourself with a lot of change at one time.
It’s a fast read and well worth the time. For the first 30 days I’m working on the first two habits: collecting and processing. My work space looks cleaner already!
* The link is provided for convenience only. I get nothing for providing it.

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