The Rowan Tree, by Robert W. Fuller


TITLE:                                  The Rowan Tree

AUTHOR(S):                      Robert W. Fuller

PUBLISHER:                       Amazon (?)

DATE OF RELEASE:          January 12, 2013

SOURCE:                               Amazon * (purchased)

RATING:                                3 out of 5 stars

The Rowan Tree is a sprawling tale beginning in the early 1970s and ending in the late 2020s. It begins with beautiful love affair between a college president and a student and follows these characters and their children as they rise to the top echelons of the political arena in the United States. It appears to encompass the author’s previous work in physics and dignity, in addition to some of his other life experience. It also appears to be his first novel.

I found The Rowan Tree much too ambitious. For example, there are a number of characters who appear to be close to major characters who suddenly disappear with no explanation. I found it difficult to relate to the main characters, but liked the ones that suddenly disappeared. I don’t like loose ends and it colored my view of this book.

3 out of 5 stars – only because I finished it. Rather disappointing because I bet his non-fiction is well worth the read.

*This link is provided for the reader’s convenience only, I receive nothing for providing it. Incidentally, at the time of writing this blog, the Kindle edition of this book was free.


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