Tea Cups and Carnage, by Lynn Cahoon

Title: Tea Cups and Carnage: A Tourist Trap Mystery
Author:            Lynn Cahoon
Genre:              Cozy Mystery, Mystery/Thriller

Publisher:       Kensington Books

Released?        June 7, 2016
Source:            The publisher provided a galley proof in exchange for an honest review.
Rating:             4 out of 5 stars

I prefer to start a series with the first book because I feel I get more of the background of the characters. Of course, in this instance it wasn’t possible. My first read is at least the seventh book in the series. No matter. Cahoon does such a nice job in distinguishing her characters that I didn’t need to read the earlier books and could concentrate on the great story.

The mystery revolves around a beach festival in protagonist Jill Gardner’s home town. Cahoon picks up on the brightness and carnival atmosphere in her writing and even though it involves a murder, the story seem every bit as bright and fun as a carnival itself. Jill’s romance (which seems to be an important part of any cozy mystery these days) is believable.

I was so impressed with this entry into the series, I went an purchased an earlier book in the series – watch for the review! 4 out of 5 stars.

Incidentally, the end of Tea Cups and Carnage contains an excerpt from Lynn Cahoon’s new series (that was good too, but I hope she doesn’t stop writing the Tourist Trap Mysteries!)


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