The Fantasy Artroom, written and illustrated by Aaron Pocock

This book is magical! While I’m not much of a reader of fantasy, I love drawing dragons and The Fantasy Artroom has all kinds of hints and suggestions for drawing dragons, as well as fairies and other fantasy beings. It’s not a “draw a circle here; draw a line there” kind of art instruction. Instead it gives instruction on a technique and demonstrates how to use it on fantasy characters so you can create your own.

The Fantasy Artroom also includes advice on developing a character and creating it’s world using various techniques such as balance. This book is not for those just starting out in drawing, but for those who have some under their belt and love the range fantasy art provides, this book is a keeper. Also, younger artists may find it a bit too detailed for their interests, but for young adult artists on up, it’s an excellent resource.

Dover Publications provided a digital copy for my review.  It came out May 18, 2016. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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