Brady and Hindley: Genesis of the Moors Murders, by Fred Harrison

I’ve been a fan of true crime books since college, where one of my majors was criminal justice. I chose that major in part because I thought the reading would be much more interesting than other majors – and I was right! Brady and Hindley confirmed that opinion.

Author Fred Harrison was in the unique position to interview convicted serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, as well as others whose lives they impacted in early 1960s Manchester, England. Fortunately, the author does not go into great detail of the horrific tortures and deaths of these young children. Instead he concentrates on how these two became what they were and how they came together. It’s a fascinating study and a real page turner.

Unfortunately, the interviews were conducted primarily in the 1980s and while the introduction provides some updates, I was left wondering if perhaps I read an earlier version back in the day. The Moors Murders are of particular interest as it’s unusual couples commit serial murders together. So, even though the interviews were conducted some time ago, it’s an interesting study of how this anomaly started.  Also, as a result of the author’s interviews, the police were able to resolve a number of cold cases for which Brady and Hindley were suspected. 4 stars out of 5.

This edition was published May 3, 2016,  by Open Road Integrated Media. The publisher provided a digital copy of this book for review.


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