The Victoria Vanishes: A Peculiar Crime Unit Mystery, by Christopher Fowles

The only downside to reading a Peculiar Crimes Mystery (aka Bryant & May) book is that you can’t skim or God forbid, lose your place because that one particular nugget of information you need to avoid confusion at the end is likely hidden in that spot. The Victoria Vanishes is no different from the rest in the series. In this outing the Peculiar Crimes Unit and the octogenarian team of Bryant and May are working on the homicides of middle-aged women who die suddenly in pubs or just outside. There’s plenty of twists and twisted characters and a ton of information on London pubs. As with the rest of of the Bryant & May series I’ve read so far, Fowles wraps up all the lose ends and subplots in a tight bow at the end. He even brings his reader full circle from the beginning scene at the wake of the team’s forensic pathologist, Oswald Finch, to the reader’s discovery of what actually happened to his remains.

Great writing, well-developed characters who are a bit quirky plus an interesting story, make The Victoria Vanishes a real page turner. I highly recommend.


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