Bless Her Dead Little Heart – an AudioBook Review

I just finished listening to Bless Her Dead Little Heart, by Miranda James (read by Jorjeana Marie). It’s the first entry in the Southern Ladies series and a spinoff of the A Cat in the Stacks series by the same author and it shares some of the same characters, including Diesel, the Cat in Stacks himself.

It’s always a challenge to start a series and get all the background information in and introduce the characters. This one was not as smooth as the first entry in the Cat in the Stacks series. Nevertheless, I think this cozy mystery series has some potential – enough that I now have the second in the series waiting on my iPod.  I love the Ducote sisters and the way they think, but hope the next books in the series can individualize them a bit more. I had trouble keeping them separate. I also hope there’s more with Endora and Peanut, who are featured on the cover, yet not much happened with the animal characters other than their rescue. They were almost like an afterthought.

My biggest disappointment though was the reader and the only reason I got the second book as an audiobook was that I had credits I needed to use. The reader seemed to have the same voice for the Ducote sisters and her voice for Benjy, a 19-year-old male, sounded like a pre-teen girl.

I recommend this book – but read it yourself!


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