I Don’t Always Read Comic Books . . .

I don’t always read comic books, but when I do I really like the less traditional ones with quirky characters. The Adventures of Luna the Vampire: Volume 1: Grumpy Space, by Yasmin Sheikh will be released in July and it fits my requirements: It’s definitely less traditional, non-traditional even, plus Luna, is a a delightful, quirky character.  She’s a vampire from outer space.

I hesitate to say this comic is for a feminine audience so I’ll go with “aimed at a less physical audience.” For example, one of the segments covers following what’s popular; another unwanted and uninvited party guests. The author/illustrator makes it much more interesting than that, of course. The drawings and strong color palate (including the use of pink) are far from what one usually sees with comic books.

If you’re like me and like comics, but aren’t really into the superhero thing, give Luna a look. It didn’t have me rolling on the floor in laughter, but it brought a smile to my face. It seems to be geared for teen audiences, but some preteens may enjoy it as well.  IDW Publishing is the publisher and it’s set for release July 12, 2016.


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