I’m in Limbo!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I hope to change that. In my last posts, I talked about minimizing. I did that. I’ve gone from having a full 2500 square foot house in South Dakota to a full 500 square foot apartment in Chicago. We’re not sure if we’ll remain in Chicago, so we still have the house in South Dakota – but it’s fairly empty.  Time will tell. The good news is that Project Minimize was a huge success.

Now that I’ve cut back on my fiber-related hobbies because of space limitations, my spare time is focused around reading and animation. I’ve read some wonderful books in past few months and I miss sharing what I’ve read. So here I am again.

I recently discovered the Bryant & May series by Christopher Fowler. I have been burning through them at a rate only the snail’s pace of the Chicago Public Library’s interlibrary loan program has slowed. I’m currently reading The Victoria Vanishes: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery. It’s Book Six in the series, which is about half way. Bryant & May are octogenarian detectives who have been on the job since World War II. They’ve spent their entire career solving crimes no one else really wants. Their methods are unorthodox to say the least and the rest of their unit is well on its way to becoming much like them. There’s always minor plots and sub-mysteries within these books and I’ve found them to be an intriguing read. If you enjoy quirky, intelligent characters, I think you’ll enjoy this series as much as I do.



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