My Love/Hate Affair with Rummage Sales

As I’ve worked towards minimizing my possessions this past year, I’ve collected a fairly good sized pile of items for a rummage sale. I set a date. Wrote up an ad, agonizing over how I should characterize the sale: Down-sizing Rummage, Redecorating Rummage, Remodeling Rummage or just plain Rummage Sale. Then I started thinking about the other rummage sales I’ve had over the years. I missed the first date and set another. Then I missed that date and thought about why I shouldn’t have a rummage sale.

I thought again about my past rummage sales and realized that I spent a lot of time sitting and that I rarely made enough to cover the ad. Then I thought about what I could be doing on a beautiful Saturday in  late summer and donated the smaller items to the charity thrift store. The larger items will go to a consignment store. I probably won’t make much money there either, but I won’t have to sit in the garage and look happy to be there and the ultimate reason for having the rummage sale – getting rid of stuff – will still be accomplished.

I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face all week. I had a great Saturday riding my bike and working in the garden.


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