Minimizing Continues!

Given my lack of posts in the past few weeks, one might think my minimization quest includes minimizing the number of posts I do. It doesn’t – really.

One of the things I’ve discovered as I cut down on my number of possessions is that sometimes you just have seize the moment. That happened this weekend. I was looking for a photograph to include in an animation I’m working on. I started looking through the photo albums I’ve started over the years and couldn’t find it. I went to the garage and found a box of photos, then yet another box of photos. I had no idea how many boxes of photos we have! I did find the photo, but in doing so I managed to clean a good portion of the garage and filled the huge green trash container. I also brought in one of the boxes of photos and began sorting. One of my recent goals has been to scan in the better photos and particularly the older photos so they can all be shared with family members online via Evernote. The photograph is my box to be scanned. There’s another box that is equally filled of photographs I won’t be scanning. It looks pretty full, but many of the photographs are framed¬† so they take up plenty of room and I suspect there are duplicates in the box as well.

So if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks again, send someone down to pull me away from the scanner!


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