Quiet – An Audiobook Review

I just finished listening to Quiet, written and narrated by Susan Cain – an admitted introvert. I thought I was an introvert as well, until I listened to this book. Cain states numerous times throughout the book that most people are a combination introvert/extrovert. (She notes that she uses the “extro-” spelling rather than the “extra-” version preferred by psychologists.) Nevertheless, her examples are of those who are clearly one or the other. After listening to Quiet, I’m not even sure about my spouse or the rest of my family or even my co-workers – although I think my girl cat is an extrovert and my boy cat an introvert. It really doesn’t matter which I am, because Cain’s real message is that we need both in our society and that each needs to work with the other for a successful society.

Cain does a wonderful job of narrating her own work; however, the editing was a bit choppy in places where it was obvious that pronunciation was corrected or some other cut. Her research is primarily anecdotal, but very interesting. Now, if I could just figure out which I am.


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