Stashbusting – More on My Quest to Minimize

I’m finally to the point where I have either discarded or given away what I don’t want or have a things ready for my craft/hobby downsizing sale this summer. But there’s still some things that I want to keep but these things need to be put into use rather than just take up shelf space. One of those things is my fabric collection. Despite the fact, I gave away a good amount of quilting fabric, I couldn’t part with my Aunt Grace, Jinny Beyer or batik collection. So this past weekend I decided it was time to get back into the quilting mode and start creating. My first quilt in ages is one using my Aunt Grace collection. I’ve started piecing the strips then cutting them into longer strips of horizontal rectangles of 5-1/2 inches. I’ll be separating those strips with strips of white on white, also from my stash. More photos to follow. It seems to work up fairly quickly. That’s a good thing because we upgraded to a king-sized bed about a year ago and continue to use queen-sized quilts on it. It hasn’t worked well.

Right now, I’m thinking about doing something similar with both the Jinny Beyer and batik collections. We’ll see.


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