Faithful Place by Tana French – An Audiobook Review

    Faithful Place

      by Tana French is not just about the murders of Frank Mackey’s first love, as well as his youngest brother, but also about the complexities of family both immediate and extended. Frank heads the undercover unit of the Irish police, is divorced and the father of a young daughter. The one thing he does not want is for his daughter to be exposed to his disfunctional family whom he left at an early age. But when his youngest sister calls that a suitcase belonging to his first love is found in a decrepit house on their block it sets a maelstrom of activities and emotions in place, which also include his daughter.

      Tim Gerald Reynolds’ narration adds a warmth to this tightly constructed story. Even though I figured out who murdered Frank’s love and later his brother, I still found this to be a very engaging story. I highly recommend.


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