Animation Development: From Pitch to Production – a book review

If you even have the slightest interest in creating or developing animation for a TV series, this is the book for you. Approximately half the book covers pitching the concept, the remainder covers what happens if you are one of the lucky few who gets a deal. “Luck” is an important concept here because it appears no matter how talented you are, the stars have to be in alignment in order to proceed. The author, David B. Levy, names names and liberally sprinkles his work with words of advice from other animators, developers and network executives. The author does not “blow smoke.” He gives a realistic picture of the genre, yet provides encouragement.

Unfortunately, for me, when I saw “Animation Development” I thought it meant how animation characters and concepts change and evolve, which is what I was looking for. (Have you ever noticed how the original “Peanuts” characters changed over the years?)  Reading Animation Development was still time well spent. Levy provides numerous websites and blogs to check out which also provide useful information.


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