The Blessing Way – an Audiobook Review

It’s been some time since I drove across the State of South Dakota and listened to an audiobook. To be honest, I don’t have too many actual audiobooks left in my collection as I downsize. For my trip, I chose The Blessing Way, by Tony Hillerman and narrated by one my favorites – George Guidall. I read this book many years ago, yet was surprised it was written in 1970 and the narration recorded in 1990. Somehow, I don’t think I read it that long ago. But with books I enjoy, I tend to remember them well. The Blessing Way was no different. This was Tony Hillerman’s first Joe Leaphorn mystery, yet as I listened I remembered that I thought the actual protagonist was the professor – after all, the professor handled most of the investigation and action in the book.

In addition to a great mystery, this book is a good introduction into Navajo witchcraft. It’s also a great history lesson in men’s attitudes towards woman (the weaker sex, or not) during the start of the feminist movement. I highly recommend a re-visit to this book. Tony Hillerman always tells a great story and George Guidall always adds depth to the best of stories.


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