Fortunate Son – A Book Review

I’ve been a fan of Walter Mosley’s since I read Devil in a Blue Dress even before the film with Denzel Washington was made. I’ve followed the Easy Rawlins character like a stalker. So when I saw Fortunate Son I was fairly certain that I would at least enjoy it. I loved it. The story and characters grabbed me and held on for dear life and haven’t let go yet.

Fortunate Son is the story of two brothers, one white and one black. While the instance of how they became brothers is a bit contrived, the novel is written like a parable and frankly, some elements in parables seem a bit contrived. Nevertheless, it is the story of human condition, one of black man and one of a white man and it is for the reader to decide which is the fortunate son. The one with the physical and health problems and is forced to survive on his own or the son of privilege. The debate is raging in my mind days after I finished reading it. This would be a great book for a book discussion group.

I highly recommend it.


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