Dead Until Dark – An AudioBook Review

I think I’ve mentioned I like my fantasy in small doses. If you’re a fan of the whole modern age vampire movement, you’ll love Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris.  I am not. My favorite vampire was Dracula as portrayed by Frank Langella. So, I have problems bringing vampires into the 20th and 21st centuries. Further, Dead Until Dark, was just a little over the top for me in the fantasy department. The protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse, is a mind reader who falls in love with Bill Compton, a vampire. She runs into a host of problems with Bill’s “friends” who want to turn her, including a vampire named Bubba who bares an uncanny resemblance to a particular departed singer from Memphis. Bubba also has a peculiar penchant for draining cats. Surprisingly, that’s not what pushed me over the top – it was Sookie’s boss who turns out to be a shape-shifter who prefers to turn into a collie.

Like I say, if you’re into the whole vampire movement, you’ll love this series. Perhaps, had I read it I would have liked it a bit better. Unfortunately, as someone who originally haled from the South and came north with a pronounced “twang,” I found the narrator’s accent to be poured on as thick as Karo syrup on buttermilk biscuits. Her voice has wonderful tone, but the twang needs to soften a bit.

In a genre that is jammed packed with various permutations of vampires, I do have to give Charlaine Harris points for creativity and putting a new spin on vampires, but I don’t think I’ll be seeking out any other books in this series.



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