Cat to the Dogs – A Book Review

I like my fantasy in small doses. That may be why I enjoy Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey Mysteries so well. The series revolves around three special cats, Joe Grey, Dulcie and eventually, Kit, who speak to select people, read and solve mysteries – almost like Mister Ed without the silliness of the human characters getting caught holding a conversation with an animal.

Cat to the Dogs revolves around Joe finding and bringing home two large puppies he finds at the scene of a fatal “accident.” He and his feline significant other soon discover that the “accident” is part of the unusual goings-on at a neighbor’s house, which ultimately result in a couple more murders and assaults. They, and their new discovery, Kit, soon have a few close calls as they gather evidence and make phone contacts with police chief who has more curiosity than a cat about the identity of his informants.

There’s typically a lot of action in this series and Cat to the Dogs doesn’t disappoint. One of the delights of this series is that each one has been an interesting, fast read with just enough fantasy to keep me alert.



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