Resolved, Committed or Just Plain Determined — Goals for 2012

I’m not fond of resolutions, so I’ve made a list of things I’m determined to get done in 2012 – some are even for fun, but most are really steps to minimization.

  • I’m going to read more. I read a lot now, but I could squeeze in some more. Some books I’ll keep, some I’ll pay forward. There’s nothing quite so nice as sharing a book I’ve enjoyed with someone I think will enjoy it as well. Hopefully, I’ll avoid having to purchase additional bookshelves as well.  I will be seeking out digital and e-versions of books or visiting the library, instead of buying hard copies. I will also be renewing magazine subscriptions only in digital.
  • I’m going to write more. I have one novel to revise, one to complete and a screenplay to finish. All these ideas are swimming in my head and I don’t want any of them to drown. On a bright note, I have one script done and I’m working on an animation for it.
  • I’m going to continue minimizing. For a long time I believed the clutter helped me think, but it was really symbolic of what’s in my head. Now that things are clearing out, I feel much more energized. I’m finding that I no longer have use for wire shelving like the photograph below:
  • I will be having an art room down-sizing sale (as much as I dislike having them) and move out some of the things I’ve tried but really didn’t take to them. I’ll also be including most of the decorating things that I’ve purchased, yet hold no sentimental value. I’ll probably include the wire shelving.
  • I will drink more water – really.

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