In The Woods – A Book Review

It’s been awhile, but since the original premise of this blog was for reviews, I thought it time I stepped back and did one. On my recent trip to the West Coast I ran out of books to read. It doesn’t happen very often, but it did that trip.  Fortunately, I found an excellent bookstore in the San Jose airport. It was so good, I had trouble deciding between books. I chose In the Woods, by Tana French. Last summer, I listened to an excellent audiobook, The Woods, by Harlen Cobin. The premise seemed the same: The adult survivor of child murders deals with his past. I though it would be interesting how different authors handled a similar topic.  “Seemed” is the operative word. Even though these seem similar and are both excellently written (although I prefer Tana French’s style), the two books could not be more different. They both deal with loss and searching well but definitely craft their stories around the individual protagonist and thankfully, do not stereotype the survivor.

I highly recommend both, but as I mentioned I preferred Tana French’s novel so much that I’ve ordered her subsequent books. Stay tuned. I’m hoping these will be just as intriguing.


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