Use It or Lose It – My New Mantra

I’ve tried different guides to cutting back my possessions and finally landed on the otherwise-used saying “Use It or Lose It.” It’s working well. This morning I went through my bookshelves, yet again, and determined which of all the yoga books I have is the best one for me. It came down to the one I always go to first: Yoga The Poetry of the Body by Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow. The rest, after checking to see if I could sell them for a decent price on Amazon, went in the box for the book sale at our local library. I plan to go through all the topics on my shelves and try to weed the number of tomes down to one or two in each subject. For some subjects, like knitting, I may have to go into subtopics.

The same mantra goes through my head as I dig through the glory hole under the stairs. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve found things I forgot I had – like the Dremel electric tool I used in my short-lived affair with dollhouse making. I now have to decide if it should go on eBay or if I’m likely to find more such items and just have a garage sale in spring. I expected physical labor over minimizing, but not the mental exercise it’s turned out to be.

I’ve included a photograph of what I did with a few of the items with which I could not part. I purchased dozens of small glass ornament balls from Hobby Lobby on sale a number of years ago. They are so cool, I just couldn’t lose them – so I knit covers for them with fingering weight yarn I couldn’t lose either. It’s a great marriage! The silver garland is knitted ribbon from a ball of yarn I had in my discard pile. While I could part with that, it called out be used – so I used it! My assistant at work suggested that next year I use a white tree to make the balls pop out a bit more. I’ll see what I find. There may even be one in the glory hole!


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