Organizing What’s Left

I think one of the reasons I’ve avoided clearing out and minimizing is that I’d need to decide what to do with what’s left. I decided it’s far simpler to either keep it all or toss it all. But in many cases I still have a serious interest in the activity – I just have too much of it; more than I can use in a lifetime.

This past week I addressed the quilting fabric situation. I purchased the largest tote I could get in my car and which would fit either in a closet or under my craft table. As you can see I seriously overestimated how much fabric I was keeping! That’s a good thing. I pulled out prints that are in colors I’ll never use or have prints which are dated or are just too small to use. I love miniature quilts, but I was keeping pieces of fabric that may have been too small for even those. I do still have a couple milk crates of fabric, one with Jinny Beyer prints, the other with 30s prints both in at fat quarter cuts. This best part is that I’m beginning to feel more inspired now that I’m not overwhelmed with fabric.

My initial thought for choosing totes was that I would have one for each activity. (since I occasionally make money off knitting and quilting, I hesitate to call them “hobbies.”) My next tote purchase will be for yarn. I’m currently on a fabric and yarn diet, so I’m not buying anymore unless it is for a specific project.


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