Don’t Throw Out What You Love!

I’ve been steadily working through eliminating those things I don’t really need in my life. Recently, I’ve been looking very closely at my kitchen and have a few empty shelves now that I didn’t have before. Fortunately, I’m not a “dish” person. I know people who collect all kinds of dishes, other than mugs (okay, I may be a “mug” person.) I don’t have to worry about parting with lots of dishes. I did manage to eliminate a few mugs and I’ll continue to work on that – really.

Anyway, as I went through my kitchen, I wondered about what if you really love something, but you don’t use it much. Most of the authorities I’ve read would probably say to toss it, donate it, find it a new home. Here’s my dilemma – I love pie, I love making pie, I love eating pie, but honest, I don’t get to indulge very often. This may be the first pie I made all year. (Incidentally, it’s apple and it’s delicious.) I decided that if something that gives that much pleasure, it must be kept. I have four pie plates in differing sizes, but they nest together and don’t take up much space in the cupboard. I am not going to be a martyr in my search for a happier, simpler life. Even so, my quest to eliminate will continue, but I’m going to allow myself a few simple passions.


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  1. I agree with your sentiments. I do not have a huge amount of stuff and I know some of it gets used quite rarely. However, I am not getting rid of things for the sake of it because I know I do use them.

    I also am eliminating things slowly and with thought and consideration so that they are not wasted.

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