I Haven’t Met a Corrugated Cardboard Box I Didn’t Like

My quest to minimize continues. During my journey I’ve come to realize I have some issues with saving (okay, maybe it’s hoarding) certain items – like corrugated cardboard boxes. If you move frequently or get orders through the mail, you know the ones. I have a devil of a time parting with them because it seems when I need to send something off or take a load of books or magazines to the library, I don’t have one and I really don’t want to spend money on buying one. My “a-hah” moment came this week shortly after one of the steam pipes to our ancient radiator at work broke soaking everything in its wake with hot, steaming water. After the plumbers came to our rescue, we had the mess to clean up. One of my assistants caught me looking at a sodden box. “It’s soaked. It’s never going to get better,” she said solemnly, looking me straight in the eye. Well, I had to let go. But, worse, I realize others recognized my problem. It wasn’t a secret, like I thought it was.

With that mess cleaned up and the sodden boxes hauled to recycling, I’ve started parting with the boxes I will probably never use. My cats are a little disappointed because I let them play in them until I find a use. But even Hans is turning up his nose at the condition

of the one in the photograph. It’s now in recycling, along with some others and I’m gaining much-needed floor space in my garage and laundry room.  The quest goes on.


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One response to “I Haven’t Met a Corrugated Cardboard Box I Didn’t Like

  1. I can relate – I moved over a year ago and kept most of the boxes “just in case” I needed them. They took up SO much space! I recently sucked it up and recycled them. Thanks for sharing!

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