The Happy Minimalist – A Book Review

I was a bit disappointed with The Happy Minimalist, by Peter Lawrence. At first, when I opened the package, it was the size of the book – it’s pretty thin. But then I remembered: It is about minimalism, so small is okay. What really disappointed me was that Lawrence doesn’t really explain why he’s happy as a minimalist. Perhaps I was expecting something like The Happy Hooker. I mean there was no doubt in my mind why the author was happy as a hooker after that read. But Lawrence provides a lot of statistics and very little about his actual life style. Okay, it’s minimalism – maybe he doesn’t have much of a life. But as someone exploring this lifestyle in order to make some, hopefully, positive changes, that’s not much of a sell. without much of an explanation, I found his life to be more spartan and austere than minimalist.

The book is not all bad though. Lawrence does provide some excellent websites to explore to answer some questions and provide some information on saving money and space. But frankly, these could be found with a little searching on the web. If you’re interested in this book, try checking it out of the library or finding it in a used book store. In fact, that’s where mine will be on my next trip into town. Don’t pay full price, it’s just not worth it.

Despite my disappointment in this book, I’m still on my quest to de-clutter and minimize. While no one in my family, except my tomcat, has noticed any changes yet, I am seeing more open space in my closet and bookcases.


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