The Edge of America – A Film Review

I just viewed “The Edge of America,” a finely crafted film directed by Chris Eyre. It’s the story of a black teacher who goes to teach on an Indian reservation and winds up coaching the girls’ basketball team. It’s probably no surprise that it’s an education for everyone. There’s a little on the social problems affecting students on the reservation, but very little about alcohol abuse that is prevalent on many of the reservations on which I’ve worked. Even so, it’s a great film with a good story and not entirely the ending I expected. I strongly recommend it.

As an aside, I’ve mentioned in earlier posts actors who have a range I admire. This film has one as well – Eddie Spears. Unless you watch a lot of films with Indian characters, you may have missed him. In “Edge,” he plays the hip-hop loving boyfriend of one of the basketball players. He also starred in “Black Cloud” and had a small role in “Into the West.” While he doesn’t have quite as many films under his belt as some of the other actors I’ve mentioned, he is someone I watch for as I know he’ll give a solid performance.


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