Buried Prey – An Audiobook Review

I think I’ve read all the Lucas Davenport books by John Sandford. I may have missed one or two, but I don’t think so. Given that, I have to say that Buried Prey is the best one yet. Sandford does a wonderful job of melding the pre-marriage to Weather (his wife in the later books) Davenport with the current Davenport. In other words showing the subtle changes in the character than age and attempts at domesticity have brought in Davenport’s life. He’s still an action-oriented character who I think will disappoint fans if he becomes too domestic.

One of the reasons I continue to go back to Sandford’s books is that most of them are set in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area where I grew up. While I keep waiting for him to set a murder in my old neighborhood, at least the younger Davenport had his fictional apartment in the same neighborhood I lived in after high school. I enjoy taking the tours of the area without having to deal with the traffic.

From now on, audiobook reviews will be noted separately from book reviews. Frankly, I consider both reading; however, I also believe the narrator’s treatment of the work has an impact on how I ultimately feel about the book. Richard Ferrone was the narrator and as with the other Davenport books I’ve listened to, Ferrone did a superb job.


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