Flying Without A Book – Epilogue

Now that I’m at my temporary destination and have two books in hand, yesterday seemed like it didn’t happen – until I couldn’t find my iPod.

After I burned through two New Yorkers and left them in the seat pocket for the next person who may get on the jet in the same condition I did, I got out my iPod to listen to one of my many downloads. Then lunch arrived. After lunch, I completely forgot about listening to my iPod and started in on “All’s Well That End’s Well” from my collection of Shakespeare on my iPad. (I won’t review it here, since if you’re reading this blog you likely know who Shakespeare is. I will say though that I forgot how funny it is!) Anyway, the plane landed, I found Super Shuttle (always a challenge even though I fly into to this airport frequently), and waited for the cell phone call to do my radio show.

I’ll spare you the rest. This morning I thought I’d take a walk before breakfasst – no iPod. I tore through everything – nothing. I had a vague recollection of placing it in the seat next to me. Then I remembered a secret pocket in my handbag – found! I’ve decided pockets in bags are great for organization, but they’re also great for losing things. Now back to my walk/book.


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