Flying Without a Book

I flew the first leg of my trip yesterday with what I thought was a book that would last me through two days of flying. I was wrong. I posted the review last night. It was so good It only lasted the first and short leg of my trip.

As a charter member of the I Don’t Check Luggage Club, I shipped a box to my destination with a couple more books to last me the rest of trip. This means that for the rest of this trip it’s either find another book to read or read what’s on my iPad. Yes, I know. I have both Kindle and Nook on it with books to read – but I don’t like the limitation of having my electronic device off until we reach a certain altitude. I want a book book. Besides, it seems like I’m always at a really good part when I have to power down my iPad.

Given all this, I arrived at the Minneapolis airport early this morning to check out the bookstores. I noticed a couple in addition to the many newsstands when I arrived last evening. The first one I stopped at was Simply Books in the main concourse. Friendly staff, but it had mostly bestsellers. There’s nothing wrong with bestsellers. In fact, I hope to have one myself someday. Even so, I like read and review those books that may not get the readership they deserve. So I headed over to the C Concourse to Authors. I was very impressed. Not only did they have bestsellers, neatly labeled as to rank, but they also had a section “Simply Good.” This section had a lot of different books of different tastes, some former bestsellers, some not. While there were a lot of temptations there, I didn’t buy. I remembered the two New Yorkers I tucked in my pack as I left home. When I’m through with those there’s always the Complete Works of Shakespeare on my iPad.


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