Pussyfoot: A Midnight Louie Mystery – A Book Review


This is not Midnight Louie - but my own "Big Lug" with a similar attitude.

I am a real sucker for the Midnight Louie series by Carole Nelson Douglas. If you haven’t heard of the series is about a black cat, Midnight Louie, and his roommate, Temple Barr, a PR person, who solve mysteries in Las Vegas. Pussyfoot is an early entry in the series. So early, that there is no color word in the title. For example, the next in the series is Cat on a Blue Monday – but I digress. As with the others I’ve read in the series, there are plenty of campy characters and a well-crafted murder mystery. This one involves someone who is bumping off strippers at a stripper competition.  While Temple Barr doesn’t see much romance in this story, Midnight Louie does. That’s all I’m going to say because I so want to reveal the ending.

Douglas’ main characters may be a little off the wall, but they’re likable and I find myself rooting for them despite myself. What’s more these books are evidence that what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas.

I’ve included a photo of Hans, my Himalayan cross, who doesn’t resemble Midnight Louie in looks, but does in attitude. Please note that he’s doing his best to ignore me. This may explain my fascination with this series.


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