Pseudo-Geek with iPad

I don’t really consider myself a geek. But I do have to admit to a certain fascination with electronic equipment and gadgets – like my iPad. I still have the first iPad and as much as I would like an iPad2, this one is still holding up to all the abuse I put it through.

Most recently, I’ve started using it for writing projects. I’m slowly learning the intricacies of using Dropbox, uploading IndexCards into Scrivener and moving PlainText into Final Draft. I wish I could tell you it’s been a smooth ride – it hasn’t, but it’s going better. What I find a bit frustrating is that “vice versa” doesn’t always work, at least not yet. I’d really like to move what I have in Final Draft back on to the iPad, but so far I haven’t been successful. And have on my iPad what I have in Scrivener on my desktop. Yet, I’m sure there’s a way. If anyone has figured this out, please enlighten me!

Today, my goal was to blog on my iPad. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it took a few minutes to figure it out. But I made it. Now I hope to hit publish and find it on my desktop, but I can’t remember if I’m supposed to cross my fingers or click heels together three times or both before hitting “publish.”


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