Pollack – A Film Review

Pollack has been in my streaming Netflix queue since I’ve had one. Until a few nights ago, I thought it was a documentary. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it wasn’t.  There are times I wish I had a larger screen TV and those times usually revolve around trying to read the small print about a film from across the room – this was no exception.

Ed Harris stars as Jackson Pollack and also directs. Marcia Gay Harden, one of my favorites, plays Pollack’s wife, artist Lee Kasner. It is a touching story of self-destruction. At times, it was difficult to watch Pollack’s behavior.  I found myself feeling more compassion for the people who surrounded Pollack than Pollack himself. As with many geniuses, particularly those that become famous, there are hangers-on and those who genuinely care – Pollack was no different. Some of the characters play their cards a little close to their chest and it takes some close observation to determine which of the two they are, others, such as Pollack’s girlfriend, do not. Given this was a film about a visual artist, I was pleased to notice the film was very visual. There were beautiful scenes of nature from which Pollack likely saw inspiration for his works.  I highly recommend, and I look forward to viewing it again.


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