Online Writing Groups

Just like G.I. Joe, I wish I’d thought of an online writing group first. I’m not sure I’d be as well off financially as the person who came up with G.I. Joe action figures, but still I’d like to be the first to come up with something. In my quest to find more personal time to write, I looked first at how much time I spend on the internet and how I use that time. I discovered I belong to 15 different writing groups. I’m not active by any stretch of the imagination, but I drop in from time to time to see what others are doing. I have a sense that many drop in as I do, much as someone drops in to a local coffee shop. Even so, it’s time for me to take break from them and actually get some writing done.

I’m also an avid knitter and belong to a number, probably too many, of online knitting groups as well. Much as it is with writing groups, I have a hard time understanding how anyone gets any knitting done given the amount of communication that goes on in some of the forums. At least with writing, you’re at the keyboard entering words. It’s really hard to knit and keyboard at the same time. Trust me on this, because I’m the type of knitter that keeps knitting in the front seat of the car in case I’m stopped at a railroad crossing for a long train.

Even so, I’d still like to have been the one who came up with the first online writing group. It’s a great concept, particularly for those of us that live in smaller communities that may not have a writers’ group. But for a while, I’ll be plugging away on this blog, my novel and my screenplay. If you catch on me visiting any of the groups, pretend you don’t know me – I’ll be in stealth mode.


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