My Muse Showed Up & I Think It’s Trying to Kill Me

After complaining in yesterday’s post about my missing muse, it did indeed show up – but late last night. (Be sure to check out the comment to my last post – at least mine didn’t show up at 3AM.) Nevertheless, I already had fallen asleep in front of the television twice and was dragging myself to bed when I thought I should check the computer one more time. Then it hit. A couple hours and quite a few pages later I crawled up the stairs to bed. I’m not complaining, but it was sure hard to get up for work with so little sleep. I guess I picked the wrong week to cut down on caffeine.

So what does the photo above have to do with my muse? I’ve decided that’s where it lives – behind my house in the pot hole where it spends a good part of its time cavorting with the deer herd that frequents it, as well as the hawks and occasional coyote. I think the muse shows up when it does because it gets a lift over the barbed wire fence with one of owls that hangs out there. It’s just a thought. I probably need more coffee.


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