Where’s the Muse and If It’s Left, Did It Take My Discipline With It?

I have had today planned out for weeks. I had appointments this morning and then I was going to use the rest of the afternoon to write. I knew I’d have the house to myself and three writing projects that need to get done. They’re pretty well outlined so I just have the fun part left – writing. It’s 3 PM and I’ve been home for an hour and so far – nothing. I’ve completed a bunch of other things, but no writing, except for here of course. Both cats are sleeping, so they can’t even be blamed for enabling me to avoid writing.

So what happened? Did my muse take a vacation? It is August, he or she could be in the South of France soaking up rays by day and enjoying some fine dining and wines by night. Not much help to me, unless the muse is sending back verbage via Dropbox. I’ll check that next. That task will allow me to drag my feet a bit more. It’s probably more likely I have a temporary loss of discipline. Which for me is like a temporary loss of sanity in others.  I find myself so frustrated I’m not writing (at least what I supposed to be writing) I’m having trouble sitting down and focusing on anything. This is no way to spend a day off and it’s sure no way to write.  The Netflix streaming queue siren  is also calling to go upstairs and watch another episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Too bad the siren didn’t leave with the muse – maybe I’d stand a chance!

Thanks for allowing me a chance to vent. I think I’m ready to sit down and write.  During the course of writing these approximately 300 words, I’ve read through my e-mail, scanned an image and cleaned off my desk. I have no choice. There’s nothing else for me to do.



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One response to “Where’s the Muse and If It’s Left, Did It Take My Discipline With It?

  1. Sometimes you just have to warm up to get the words flowing . . . what you’ve written here qualifies as writing and I hope it leads you to what you wanted to write today. 🙂

    Muses are fickle, fickle creatures. Mine would rather wake me up 3 a.m. and speak to me rather than the time I set aside 12 hours before. 😉

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