In the Bedroom – a film review

Last night’s feature at our house was In the Bedroom with Sissy Spacek, Tom Wilkinson and Marisa Tomei. I’m a little bothered because this film did not have the emotional impact on me that it should have. It was brilliantly acted, particularly by Marisa Tomei who played a single mother who is involved with the son (Nick Stahl) of the Furrows (Spacek and Wilkinson). It’s rare to see Tomei play someone so vulnerable and while her character was the catalyst to the tragedy that ensued, my heart went out to her rather than the parents. Suffice it to say, and you’ve probably figured it out already, the parents go into revenge mode and more tragedy ensues.

While there are some great scenes between Spacek and Wilkinson, for the most part their characters were flat. They were both given some interesting traits. For example, Wilkinson played a doctor who seemed to spend more time on a lobster boat than practicing medicine. His wife, who was a choral director, as well as the wife of a doctor, smoked liked a chimney. I’m sure there are doctors who prefer lobster fishing and there are wives of doctors who smoke, but these traits didn’t help character development and detracted from the film.

The biggest problem I had with the film is the title – In the Bedroom. Was that a marketing ploy? The film is based on the story “Killers.” I think that title would have sold more tickets than “In the Bedroom.” The film is from 2001, which depending on what time of the year it came out may explain the title. It also has an R rating, which I don’t understand either.  Not a bad movie, but not one I’ll seek out to view again.


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