You Kill Me

I ran across this film in my suggestions for my Netflix instant queue.  A lot of time I look at the suggestions and wonder what Netflix was thinking – as if Netflix really thinks. This time I was intrigued by the cast. Ben Kingsley has this phenomenal range to his performances. I’m usually awestruck and I was not disappointed with his performance as an alcoholic hitman, Frank. His romantic interest was Tea Leone. While I’d heard wonderful things about her performances, I couldn’t recall seeing her in anything. Again, a wonderful performance and together–superb. The camera picked up a chemistry between the two that made the time fly. I wasn’t ready for this film to be over.

The advertisement for “You Kill Me” bills it as a “killer comedy.” It’s difficult to imagine a film about alcoholism and murdering people to be a comedy, yet is is sophisticated and classy – never cheesy, never glamorizing either alcoholism or murder. Both are shown in their most gruesome reality, but the viewer comes to care about Frank and his struggles and his humanity. John Dahl directed and I’ll be checking Netflix for more of his work as well as Tea Leone’s. I’m a little reluctant to admit I really enjoyed a comedy about alcoholism and murder, but I really did.


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