Went to a Garden Party

I apologize to anyone who now has the ear worm of the Rick Nelson song stuck in their head because of the title. I also apologize for going off topic from reading and writing, but a thought occurred to me late yesterday afternoon and I thought I’d share it. I love to garden. I’m not an organized gardener. I call my garden a “Scot’s Garden.” It has a little bit of everything and it was all purchased on sale and put in the ground where there was room and where it would get it’s preferred light. It needs a little weeding right now, but I’m happy to say that there are getting to be enough plants that they’re beginning to gain on the weeds.

Everyone has different goals and ideas for planting a garden. Some want to improve the look of their property, others want to show off their gardening ability, the list is endless. Me, I like to look at it. Here’s where the light bulb went off yesterday. A good friend invited me to her garden party. She, too, loves to garden and it really shows. She also has more of a color theme going, but we all have our gardening goals and thoughts. So, I’m sitting in her back yard enjoying her garden when it hits me. I never sit and look at MY garden. Granted, I try. I sit on the bench for a second or too and then notice something that needs to be done and off I go. So my gardening goal for the day is to go out and sit in the garden, let the cats out to chase the vermin, ignore the weeds and enjoy.  I just hope it’s not raining.


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